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Trim-Line Of Central Alberta Ltd, located in Red Deer, has the experience and expertise you need relating to any questions you may have concerning your graphics and signs. Below you’ll find a few of our most frequently asked questions, but if you’d like further information, or to get started with our services, just contact us today.

Q: Are all Trim-Line’s across Canada the same?

A: No, we are not franchised, allowing Trim-Lines to choose additional products to deal with. For example, some Trim-Lines do tint or box liners. We have chosen to specialize in graphics and signs. However, to keep the Trim-Line name, we must buy and stand by the 3M product.

Q: Are all vinyls the same?

A: Not at all. The main difference is between cast and calendered films. Cast film is superior as vinyl components are mixed with a large amount of solvent, and then the liquid mixture is spread onto the sheet and passed through an oven and dried. This makes the vinyl thinner usually (2 mil) and less inherent to stress, so it has very little tendency to shrink.

Calendered film goes through a different process. The vinyl components are heated and kneaded into a vinyl rope. The rope is then passed through a series of heated rollers which squeeze it thinner and flatter (usually 3 mil). However, stretching, squeezing and cooling greatly impact the stress of the finished film, resulting in higher shrinkage than cast vinyl.

Q: What’s 3M’s competitive advantage?

A: 3M are brand leaders in printing technology and media, along with their systematic and rigorous training.

Q: Is the glue associated with 3M vinyl different?

A: Yes, the primary purpose of an adhesive is to hold two objects together by resisting the stress trying to pull them apart. 3M adhesive is made to stick with moderate contact and able to remove with minimal adhesive residue left behind.

Q: Why choose a vehicle wrap?

A: The power of fleet/vehicle wraps is the pure cost effective advertising medium. Dollar for dollar, fleet graphics deliver the most effective cost per impression compared to any other form of advertising. They are an important element within a total advertising communications program.

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